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    Blankophor Product Sample Request

    Application Technology Lab

    Blankophor GmbH & Co. KG offers a broad and complete product portfolio for all kinds of different applications, whitening targets and papermaking requirements.

    To request a sample of a specific product or are looking for our recommendation for a specific application, please contact us briefly indicating your topic of interest and your BLANKOPHOR® contact will get back to you quickly and personally.

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    A young, vital, company with long tradition.

    Blankophor Mission

    Blankophor’s approx. 100 employees research, produce, and market Fluorescent Whitening Agents for the global paper industry.


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    Products, Expertise and Technical Know-How

    Blankophor Mission

    ... all come together in the offering of Blankophor GmbH & Co. KG.