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    INDULOR with over 30 years experience in this field today is known as specialist of macromolecular chemistry. Founded by Erwin Fengler in 1978 the company is family owned in the second generation with headquarters in Ankum, Germany.


    The key competence lies in the production of polymer dispersions through emulsion polymerisation. The second core technology is the continuous production of styrene-acrylic solid resins e.g. for use as protective colloid for further polymerisation reactions.


    As of May 1st, 2012, Blankophor (as part of the INDULOR group) is now the distribution channel for Indulor specialty polymers for Paper Finishing. With this approach, we utilize the synergy effect of our group: The production technology expertise in polymers from Indulor is now coupled with the knowledge of papermaking and conversion/finishing technology of the Blankophor team – for the benefit of our customers.


    Please contact us for in-depth technical discussions and to determine the best suitable product for your application, requirements and targets.

    To learn more about Indulor, you are invited to also visit the INDULOR Website.

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