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      "Developing and launching innovative Blankophor products which help solving whiteness challenges of modern papermaking is our true passion"

    The Blankophor GmbH & Co. KG has increased the efforts and spending in R & D activities from previously 3% to now approx. 5% of its turnover.

    The Blankophor team is dedicated to serving paper manufacturers not only with reliable, quality products and services, but also to developing new products and advanced applications to meet today’s papermaker’s whitening objectives effectively and economically.

    The BLANKOPHOR® product portfolio has been constantly amended and improved to meet latest whitening trends and challenges in the paper industry and modern papermaking. We don’t only look into simple 1:1 replacements but rather implement strategies for effective whitening.

    Several patents have been filed over the last years underlining our competitive edge in innovative Fluorescent Whitening Agent chemistry and application.

    In 2012 new product lines were added to the portfolio. BLANKOTINT® tinting colorants complement the broad range of BLANKOPHOR® Fluorescent Whitening Agents. Our experienced Application Technology team will evaluate the optimal whitening concept and technical solution for your whitening requirements and challenges.

    Furthermore, binders and additives have been included in our product offering to the paper industry. As part of the Indulor Group, Blankophor now is the distribution channel and contact for the paper industry also for the product portfolio of specialty polymers produced by Indulor. Many many years of expertise for paper applications inherited by Blankophor are now coupled with decades of production and research know-how in polymers of Indulor - for the benefit of our customers.

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    A young, vital, company with long tradition.

    Blankophor’s approx. 100 employees research, produce, and market Fluorescent Whitening Agents for the global paper industry.


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    Our Goal: The Perfect White for You

    Blankophor Mission

    The true passion of Blankophor is the search for the perfect white, starting with intensive engagement ...