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    / Company History

    Young company, vital set-up with long tradition

    The roots of the Blankophor company travel a long way to the earliest days of Fluorescent Whitening. With a long tradition, history and experience we have now started into a new area: After decades of being part of big chemical companies with multiple product focus we are today a medium-sized company specialized in FWA manufacturing and application technology.

    In the R&D laboratories of Bayer AG in Leverkusen Fluorescent Whitening Agents are invented and launched under the brand BLANKOPHOR®.

    The former Chemicals Division of Bayer is now listed on the stock market as individual company: LANXESS AG.

    The Business Unit Paper including BLANKOPHOR® Fluorescent Whitening Agents became part of this carve-out.

    In the process of strategic repositioning of LANXESS the entire Business Unit Paper is sold to the Finnish company KEMIRA.

    KEMIRA divests the global Fluorescent Whitening Agent business. On October 1, 2010 the new Blankophor GmbH & Co. KG starts operating.

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    approx. 100


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    A young, vital, company with long tradition.

    Blankophor’s approx. 100 employees research, produce, and market Fluorescent Whitening Agents for the global paper industry.


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    Our Goal: The Perfect White for You

    Blankophor Mission

    The true passion of Blankophor is the search for the perfect white, starting with intensive engagement ...